Packing 12,000 lumens of lighting power, Panasonic’s PT-RZ12K is a forward-thinking, ultra-sharp video projector, perfect for large meeting halls, rear projection, digital storage and other use cases where you require high-quality digital projection in High-Definition.

Panasonic’s unique Solid Shine technology ensures immersive picture quality and dynamic adjustment of image brightness, to ensure that your display looks immaculate even in bright settings. It also uses a Real Motion processor to project in 120Hz to ensure stutter-free, fluid video.

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Key Features

  • 12,000 Lumens for Professional Lighting Settings
  • 120Hz Real Motion Processor
  • Immersive Colour Quality with Solid Shine technology
  • Dynamic Light Control and automatic white balance adjustment
  • Compatible with Panasonic lenses
  • Reliable Constant Operation


(PDF) Panasonic RZ12K User Manual

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