Shure Microphone Heads SM86 SM58A

>>>Shure Microphone Heads SM86 SM58A

Shure Microphone Heads SM86 SM58A

In addition to microphones we have a number of microphone heads and other audio accessories for hire.

These Shure microphone heads can be used with the Shure SLX Radio Microphone System. Shure SM86 with a SLX2 transmitter is a rugged cardioid condenser microphone with extended high frequency response. Shure SM58A with a SLX transmitter is a dynamic vocal microphone, with a tailored response that accentuates vocals. Shure SM 87A with a SLX transmitter is a condenser vocal microphone with a supercardioid polar response for warm accurate sound.

Also available is a range of Lavalier microphones.

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