We are proud to have been part of a pilot scheme to revolutionise information displays used by the Lancaster Police Federation, replacing traditional cork noticeboards with state of the art interactive displays.


The LPF, an association that represents and supports the welfare of over 3,000 police officers throughout Lancashire, needed to replace and modernise their traditional forms of communication.


“Many of the sites had traditional noticeboards which were congested and messages were not reaching all of our members,” reflected Sharon Wilson, Office Manager of Lancashire Police Federation.

As a result, she came to us and through our connections to high-quality manufacturers, found a 55” freestanding touch-screen display that could not only be used to display messages but also potentially expand into a one-stop-shop for LPF information.

Ms Wilson was trained in the content management system and through the capabilities of this CMS can install videos, pictures, slideshows, information pages and other interactive content that was compatible with Android.

Currently, five units have been installed in police stations across Lancashire, but there are plans to expand this further.

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