Fisher Audio Visual have expanded their wide line up of professional quality video display equipment with the addition of the Absen Pro video wall system to our range of event equipment available to hire.

Absen’s Pro series is a collection of square interconnecting video panels, that can combine to make scalable exceptionally high-quality video walls that can be easily built to any size or aspect ratio, and slot together with magnets as easily as Lego bricks. 

The A3 pro series connect to each other easily not only physically but can be synchronised and calibrated incredibly quickly, making set-up a breeze compared to other multi-screen solutions. The 2000Hz refresh rate (for comparison, your television is at most 144Hz) means that there is absolutely no flicker, even during video recording, making them ideal for concerts, presentations, fashion shows and dynamic conferences.

Don’t simply take our word for it, take a look at some incredible examples of the A3’s scale and scalability in action at a recent event managed by the talented technicians at Fisher Audio Visual.

Why Choose a Video Wall?

Video walls are one of several display solutions we offer at Fisher Audio Video, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. For many smaller venues, getting a high-quality screen will do fine, as it provides excellent video quality, detail and brightness, as well as being easy to fit in a room. A projector is better if you have the right wall for it, and offers easy set up and portability on the low end and excellent image quality and screen scalability on the higher end, with the consequence that room needs to be made in your set up not only for the screen and projector but the space between the two, making it less suitable for presentations with a speaker. If the projector is not powerful enough or using an unsuitable or poorly calibrated throw lens you also run the risk of a blurry unfocused screen.

The video wall does both. It is easy to set up, scalable to not only different sizes but different shapes without any image sharpness issues or problems with calibration. Video walls can take many forms but the principle is simply a larger screen made up of many smaller screens. In the past, this could be something as simple as connecting a bunch of standard screens together to some form of video hardware that could arrange each chunk in the right order to form one larger image.

Nowadays, with technology like Absen’s, making a big video wall is as simple as piecing it together using a bunch of smaller completely flat screens which connect together, typically to a larger panel structure for stability. Some setups can even figure out where each screen is and automatically set it so each screen is showing the right piece of the image. At its best, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle that solves itself.

Video walls are the solution of choice for high-end professional events that require especially large screens, uniquely shaped screens, screens that are part of and need to interact with a larger stage or a hugely detailed screen that can be easily recorded with a video camera with no flicker.

Event Management Services

Fisher Audio Visual is a one-stop-shop for any technological need your event may require. We not only provide professional-grade audiovisual rental solutions but also top technician staff, planners and designers to make your event the best it can be. Our services are highly scalable and flexible, from small meetings and events to major conferences, concerts and sports events. We even offer live streaming and video recording of your event. 

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