A video production switcher that finally lays to rest the myth that live production is too complicated, this small but highly effective controller has a dedicated hardware streaming engine, making it ideal for businesses taking the plunge and joining the video streaming world.

Featuring the versatility of a digital switcher with the ease of use and intuitive interface of a hardware switcher, the ATEM Mini supports up to 4 inputs that can be seamlessly linked together, either through cuts, transitions or picture-in-picture functionality.

Easy enough to use as part of a Skype call (being recognised as a webcam) yet powerful enough to be the main editing feed for live sports events, the ATEM Mini is an essential part of modern live streaming events.

Key Features

  • Support for up to 4 HDMI Inputs
  • Easy to use video switching system
  • Hardware-powered Direct Live Streaming
  • Support for seamless transitions, picture-in-picture and other on-board video effects
  • Easily controlled using a wide variety of standard streaming and communication programs


(PDF) Black Magic ATEM Mini User Manual

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