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Fisher Audio Visual provides high-quality equipment for rental, as well as a range of event services, tailored for different types of events. This includes planning, event equipment hire and set up, staging as well as technical support throughout your event. As well as these core services, we offer a range of add-on services to either make your event unique or record it for future reference.

These add-on services use extra equipment and the services of our specialist team, so for availability and for details of additional costs, please contact Fisher Audio Visual today.

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Audio Recording

Fisher Audio Visual offer professional high-quality audio recording of your conference, meeting or event. Our range of professional audio equipment can be linked to studio-quality recording hardware, creating pristine recordings of your event, which we will provide according to your individual needs, recorded directly from our mixing equipment for the highest quality possible.

  • Pristine Archive
  • Ideal for Marketing Purpose
  • Cost-Effective
  • Permanent Audio Record
  • Mastered Copy Ready to Edit
  • Ideal for Digital Distribution

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Video Recording

Using a range of camera equipment, we can provide a high-definition video recording of your event, which can be provided to you in a range of formats to your individual specification, ready for archiving or to be edited together as you wish.

  • Beautiful Recording
  • Perfect Memento of an Event
  • Fulfils Archiving and Marketing Needs
  • High Quality 4K Video Recording
  • Footage Provided in Any Digital Format Required
  • Digital Distribution Available

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Live to Screen

On top of video recording, we offer live-to-screen broadcasts, which display a live performance on other displays, allowing everyone to see your performance. For large events, this service is invaluable to ensure every single person at your event has a perfect view of the action.

  • Accessible
  • Easy to Use
  • Ideal for Larger Scale Conferences, Concerts and Sporting Events
  • Make Sure Everyone Can See
  • Branding Options Available
  • Single Camera or Multi-Camera Options Available

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Live Streaming

Broadcast your event across the world with our range of online live streaming services. We set up your system of camera ready to capture every second of action, with on the fly switching and overlay support. For events where the entire world is the target audience, our live streaming services are the cutting edge way to broadcast yourself.

  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Stream to a Range of Platforms
  • All-In-One Live Streaming, Editing and Overlays

  • Broadcast Recording Available
  • Streaming Tailored for Twitch, Youtube Live and other services
  • Video on Demand Available

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Professional Photography

With the help of our professional photographers, we can provide attractive, stand-out digital photographs of your event, which will be provided to you as high-resolution digital images. This is ideal for creating unforgettable memories, press releases, marketing materials and striking material for websites.

  • Publishing Quality Photographs
  • Professional Capture and Post-Processing
  • Works With You Every Step of the Way
  • Photographs Available in a Range of Formats
  • Perfect Marketing Material
  • Ideal for Galleries, Slideshows and Video Content

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PowerPoint Presentation Services

Depending on your event, you may already have presentations, displays and videos ready to use with our audio-visual equipment. We are able to provide professional looking presentations, compatible with our visual displays and projectors, as well as custom displays to use with our lecterns and other furniture. For a professional look that perfectly complements the technical equipment used, our presentation creation service is invaluable.

  • Professional Presentation
  • Formatted With Your Equipment in Mind
  • Range of Formats
  • Branding Options Available
  • Scheduling and Scripted in Time With Your Speech
  • Multi-room Broadcasting

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Stage Construction

At Fisher Audio Visual, we install high quality, highly customisable modular staging systems, available in various shapes and sizes to suit your event. Ideal for conferences, stage productions, catwalk shows, launches and other events you want to put on a pedestal.

  • Modular Construction
  • Tread and Decoration Available
  • Perfect for Any Sized Event
  • Perfect for Stages, Catwalks, Presentation Platforms and Pedastals
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Branding Options Available

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Custom Set and Stand Design

Along with modular set construction, Fisher Audio Visual can also create custom designs for sets, stands and other stage furniture, which can be created with the help of our specialist partners. Contact us for more details.

  • Specialist Design
  • Perfect for Major Production
  • Props, Displays, Stands and Furniture Available
  • Wraps
  • Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional Logos
  • Tactile Presentation Materials

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Event Branding

We can assist in branding your event, including the creation of graphics, banners and digital content featuring your logo and chosen graphics, which can be fit to parts of your stage, on lecterns, furniture and displayed on video screens and projectors. We also can provide custom-designed lightboxes for large brand displays. Our event branding services are scaled to meet your needs, and so are essential for getting your brand out there.

  • Scaled For Your Needs
  • Versatile
  • Ideal Marketing Materials
  • Digital, Physical And Interactive Branding Options Available
  • Launch a Campaign in Style
  • Catch the Eye of Potential Customers

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Floor Coverings

We offer a range of carpet and flooring surfaces to add a unique look to your staging area. Our carpeting comes in a range of colours and includes a range of surfaces. We even offer red carpet surfaces to add glitz and glamour to your awards shows. Along with carpeting and other flooring surfaces, we also offer artificial grass surfaces. This astroturf is ideal for outdoor and sporting events to make your event stand out from the rest. It adds a unique look and style to your events and staging.

  • Range of Colours and Styles Available
  • Makes Your Event Staging Unique
  • Scalable for All Sizes of Events
  • Red Carpet for Glamorous Award Shows
  • Astroturf for Sporting Events
  • Complements your Event’s Branding

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Furniture Hire

Customise your stage layout to suit your event with our range of stage and event furniture. From standard seating, lecterns and platforms, to more unique pieces of furniture such as bar stools, comfortable chairs and DJ booths. Our available furniture allows you to personalise the look of your event how you like, and our more unique furnishings add a relaxed, confident look to your performances and presentations.

  • Tailored for Any Event
  • Ideal to Add Ambience to a Stage
  • Stand Out from the Rest
  • Bar Stools
  • Comfortable Armchairs and Sofas
  • Customisation and Event Branding Available for Furniture

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As part of our presentation and event services, we offer a range of prompting and autocue services provided to us by our specialist partners, to ensure your keynote speech is perfect every time and allows you to focus on your audience. This is perfect not only for less confident public speakers but also as a safety net for any contingency. To ensure availability for our autocue services, please contact our friendly and helpful team for more details.

  • Maintain Direct Eye Contact
  • Specialist Consultation
  • For Perfect Speeches Every Time
  • Ideal for Less Experienced Speakers
  • Inconspicuous Speaking Aids
  • Prompt Notes, Full Scripts and Script Writing also Available

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Script Writing

Through our specialist presentation service partners, we provide professional script writing services. These scripts are tailored around your subject and presentation time, and we can in addition offer coaching and courses in effective public speaking. Our scriptwriting services are ideal for conveying ideas directly to an audience, engaging them and keeping them focused on your speakers. To ensure availability, please contact our team today.

  • Better Engage Your Audience
  • Perfectly Convey Your Ideas
  • Coaching and Courses Available
  • Convert Bullet Points to Elegant Scripts
  • Professional Writing Support
  • Compatible with PowerPoint Presentations, Additional Screens and Autocue Services

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Translation and Interpreters

As part of our accessibility services, we offer a range of translation, interpretation and accessibility services provided by our specialist partners. Convey your ideas to the widest audience possible with our range of accessibility services. Please contact us for more details and availability.

  • Language Translators
  • BSL Interpreters
  • Specialist Services Available
  • Live Translation
  • Audio and Text Options
  • Suitable for Larger Scale International Meetings

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Specialist DJ Booths

For music performances, background music or other special events, we offer a professional, studio-quality DJ booth, complete with mixing desk, turntable, audio rack and DJ available for hire. Our DJ services are perfect for adding music, entertainment and fun to any event. For more information and to ensure availability, please contact Fisher Audio Visual for more details.

  • Professional DJ Equipment
  • Playlists Tailored for Your Event
  • Housed in a Custom Made Booth
  • Professional Disc Jockey
  • High End Pioneer DJ Equipment Used
  • Suitable For a Wide Range of Events

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IT Services

In addition to support on how to use your equipment, we offer a range of IT support systems to ensure that your use of our equipment is easy and hassle-free. From installation of software to creation and implementation of presentations and visual equipment, Fisher Audio Visual are on hand to help. For more information, please contact us today.

  • Hassle Free Installation
  • Technical Support
  • Easy Integration Into Your Event
  • Network Installation
  • 24 Hour Support Line
  • Expert Advice From Our Experienced Team.

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Presenters and Speakers

For keynotes, after dinner speeches and other speeches at your conference, Fisher Audio Visual offers access to a network of professional presenters and speakers, available for a variety of events with a variety of styles. For more information on availability, contact our team today.

  • Range Of Speakers
  • Professional Network
  • Suitable for Any Speech and Any Event
  • Ideal Speakers for Conferences, Dinners and Award Ceremonies
  • Range of Professionals and  Topics available
  • Suitable as Keynote or part of Larger Conference

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Live Acts, Music and Entertainment

Live entertainment is invaluable to add an unforgettable spark to any event, and at Fisher Audio Visual we can offer access to a wide-ranging network of acts, including live music groups, instrumentalists, comedians, magicians and even more unique acts such as acrobats and singing waiters. To learn more, contact us today. For more information about our events services, click here or contact us today to learn more.

  • Range of Entertainment
  • Suitable for All Audiences, Age Groups and Demographics
  • Works With Our Event Services
  • Ideal For Dinner Entertainment, Awards Ceremonies and Conference Events
  • Hassle-Free Organisation
  • Variety of Styles, Genres and Performances

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Photo Opportunities

For a fun addition to any conference, Fisher Audio Visual provide a number of custom made posters, banners, boards and booths, designed to get people together in a unique way and produce unforgettable memories.

  • Built around your Brand
  • Complements our Photography Services
  • Fits around Any Event Space
  • Ideal for Social Media Marketing
  • Networking Tool
  • Photographers Available

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Push to Talk

Fisher Audio Visual offers a range of microphone services that are perfect for conferences, larger meetings and announcement systems. Our push to talk microphones can be isolated and controlled by a central unit, to ensure an orderly and controlled discussion at all times.

  • Wireless and Wired Options Available
  • Highly Expandable
  • Central Control for Orderly Communication
  • Multiple Audio Channels Available for Instant Translation
  • Ideal For Large Scale Meetings
  • High Quality Audio Transmission

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Outdoor Lighting

Ensure the spotlight shines on your event with Fisher Audio Visual’s lighting services. As well as our stage and room lighting services, we provide high-powered professional lighting services for striking and unforgettable lighting for your event location. We have outdoor lighting services for outdoor events, programmable light shows, to illuminate displays and many other purposes. For more information on what we can do for you, contact Fisher Audio Visual today.

  • Professional Multicoloured Lighting
  • Programmable Light Shows
  • Flexible Options
  • From Small Marquees to Full Sized Stadia
  • Flashing, Multicoloured and Programmed Lights Available
  • Conforms to All Applicable Lighting Laws and Statutes

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Bright, backlit display panels can be customised with your branding, logos and images. Fisher Audio Visual provide through our specialist partners an array of professional backlit advertising solutions. Contact us today for more details.

  • Range of Options Available
  • Professional Backlit Displays
  • Suitable for Vertical or Horizontal mounting
  • Range of Sizes
  • Animation Available
  • Eye Catching Marketing Tool

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Video Wall & Video Mapping

As part of our range of high scale marketing and stage construction services, Fisher Audio Visual have high end video wall rigging and construction, allowing for truly gigantic and sensational displays. On top of this, we provide our expert design and technical expertise to provide video mapping, to ensure your staging is exactly the way you want it.

  • Modular Screen Design
  • Design Built Around Your Stage
  • Support for Multiple Aspect Ratios
  • High Quality Seamless Display
  • Perfect for Uniquely Sized and Shaped Stages
  • Matching Visual Assets Available

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Outdoor Projection

Have you ever wanted to get your name on the side of a building? With outdoor projection, we can project elaborate moving designs across your event space, from logos to moving video. Our outdoor projection opens are widely scalable, from small scale advertising and video viewing to large scale billboards and building illumination.

  • Tailored around your campaign
  • Unique marketing
  • Dynamic and eye catching outdoor marketing
  • Project onto Any Surface
  • Ideal for Unique Social Media Marketing
  • Fixed, Slideshow or Animated Projection Available

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Pipe and Drape

Pipe and drape is a professionally rigged theatrical draping and curtain service, which gives your event a practical, professional and stylish look.

  • Wide Range of Sizes, Styles and Looks
  • Ideal for Walls, Doors and the Sides of Stages
  • Black Wool Drape
  • Ideal For a Theatrical look
  • Used in Combination with Starcloth for a Vibrant Stage Wall
  • Flexible Construction and Set Up

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Pyrotechnic Services

Want your event to go out with a bang? Fisher Audio Visual’s pyrotechnic special effects services will ensure your event is one to remember. With the help of our specialist partners, we can provide a range of pyrotechnic effects, from confetti cannons and streamers through to fireworks, sparklers and flame projectors. To ensure availability, contact our team today.

  • Specialists in Spectacular Effects
  • Confetti and Glitter Cannons, Streamers for non-explosive effects
  • Fireworks, Sparklers and Flame Projectors
  • Specialist Safe Installation
  • Can be Cued and Integrated into a Speech or Performance
  • Ideal for any Celebration

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Video Editing and Production

Fisher Audio Visual not only offers the means to film your event but can even offer professional video editing and production services. This can range from supercuts of your event, to Vox Pop compilations of your delegates, professional recordings suitable for sale to even short form highlights packages for Youtube and social media. We even offer on-site editing services to create live highlights packages to show at the end of your event.

  • Professional Quality Editing
  • On-site Editing
  • Ideal as Marketing Device or Additional Revenue Stream
  • Branding and Overlay Integration
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Export to a Range of Formats

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