Part of the HK Elements line, the E835 is an expanded 8-speaker version of the 4-speaker E435. Much like the E435, the E835 is a mid/high speaker unit, however it consists of 8 full range 3.5″ speakers that projects sound evenly across a low-medium sized audience.

Using the E-connect bus, you can connect up to four additional E835 or E435 column to form a large line array.

The E835 speakers are also available in white, and can be used with any HK Audio Elements product offered by Fisher Audio Visual, including the E435 speakers, EA600 amplifier and E110 Subwoofer.

Key Features

  • Scalable Mid/High unit
  • Evenly projected sound
  • E-Connect bus connectivity
  • Lightweight


(PDF) HK Elements User Manual

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