The QSC PLX series of power amplifiers are a series of amplifiers that offer a high level of sound quality in a small 2 rack-unit chassis. The amplifiers offer low distortion and a hum-free noise floor as a result of QSC’s PowerWave technology, offering a high quality of sound across all frequencies, from low bass to very high treble. The sound is made more reliable thanks to an advanced thermal management system keeping the PLX 1602 cool even in intense conditions.

If you want this technology but with a higher power output, Fisher Audio Visual also offer the PLX 2402 amplifier.

The PLX series work very well with our JB Line array speakers for an unparalleled sound.

Key Features

  • Excellent Bass Reproduction
  • Incredibly Low Distortion using PowerWave technology.
  • Advanced Thermal Management
  • Reliable


(PDF) QSC Series Amplifiers User Manual

(PDF) QSC Series Amplifiers Specification Sheet

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