In the bustling aisles of supermarkets, something more than just the products on display influences our purchasing decisions – it’s the power of music. Recent research from the University of Bath’s School of Management sheds light on the profound impact of in-store music on consumer behavior, revealing fascinating insights into how our shopping habits are orchestrated by the melodies that surround us.

two shoppers checking out

The Audio Study

According to the study, conducted by Dr. Carl-Philip Ahlbom and his team, in-store music has a remarkable effect on consumer spending, particularly during the weekdays. Shoppers navigating the aisles from Monday to Thursday find themselves swayed by the tunes playing overhead, leading to an impressive increase of more than 10% in their overall spending. But why does music wield such influence, especially on weekdays? The answer lies in the psychological state of shoppers after a long day’s work. As the strains of ‘pleasant’ music fill the air, weary minds are lifted, and decision-making becomes more intuitive. With mental fatigue alleviated, shoppers are more inclined to indulge in additional purchases or upgrade the quality of their planned items.

Driving Results with Digital Signage

The benefits of digital signage in retail settings are clear. Not only does it capture attention and create memorable experiences for customers, but it also allows retailers to deliver timely and relevant messaging that drives action and increases sales. Whether it’s promoting new products, highlighting special offers, or reinforcing brand identity, digital signage is a powerful tool for engaging customers and driving foot traffic.

What mattered was the overall ambiance created by the music, enveloping shoppers in a sensory experience that shaped their shopping journey. For retailers, this research underscores the potential of in-store music as a powerful marketing tool, particularly on weekdays. The relatively modest investment required to install sound systems pales in comparison to the substantial returns in increased sales, and Fisher Audio Visual offers a range of comprehensive sound packages suitable for retail!