What are uplighters?

At Fisher Audio Visual, we use a range of stage lighting equipment to provide the exact kind of stage ambience you want. One of the most effective tools in our repertoire is the uplighter, which we use to make some incredible effects, such as the Chauvet COLORado or the LEDJ Wash Effect 18.

Uplighters create a lighting effect where the light on the floor of a stage is projected up towards a wall. This creates a striking effect that can, depending on placement, colour and shade add atmosphere to your event space. It can even add a dynamic look to your lighting space with the help of colour changing lights.

The uplighters we use at Fisher Audio Visual use high powered LEDs, which make them exceptionally bright, customisable, programmable and portable. You can use them in various configurations to add an accent to the back of a stage, to provide contrast, to enhance other special effects such as fog or haze, as well as many other uses.

Which uplighter we recommend depends on the needs of your event. If you need portability and quick set up, we would recommend our wireless Chauvet Freedom Par Hex-4, however to line a catwalk or concert stage the Chauvet COLORado is able to create some amazing programmable effects thanks to its 144 multicoloured LEDs. Our experienced team are more than willing to enlighten you on what will work best for your event.

For more information on what our range of AV Hire equipment can do for you in the North West, contact our friendly team, who will be happy to illuminate you on our range of lighting, as well as a wide range of audiovisual equipment.

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