The ASL Talkback System consists of the BS-216 master unit and a number of BS-15 intercom headsets.

The BS-216 is a flexible 2-channel wired intercom base station, which works in conjunction with BS15 beltpacks and compatible headsets, for a wired intercom system that can be set up exceptionally quickly.

If you need a two way talkback system that can be set up and used very easily, the ASL talkback system is ideal for use, with support for up to ten beltpacks on two intercom channels.

The audio for each can be changed on the base unit, and a talk button and an alert button are also available to relay messages or requests for assistance. Even in busy, noisy environments, the specially designed headphone amplifier leads to comfortable communication.

Key Features

  • 2 Channel Intercom
  • Connects via XLR three pin adaptor
  • Support for up to 10 Beltpacks
  • Complete Intercom System
  • Talk and Call buttons for quick communication between either or both channels.


(PDF) ASL BS-15 Audio Talk-Back System User Manual

(PDF) ASL BS-216 User Manual

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