We all know that when you hire a projector it will come with a vga cable and a hdmi cable (at least ours do!) which is great if you are connecting to a standard laptop. BUT What if you have an Apple Mac machine?

Well that’s a whole different ball game! Apple bring out a new laptop and that laptop doesn’t have the same ports as the previous ones. Following on from that it will unlikely be the same as the new ones that are on their way! Apple like to “mix it up a bit” (to use one of our Managers phrases!).

So, here lies a problem. Unless you bring your own adapter or you inform us beforehand you may get stuck so you cant use the projector OR you will have to dash out and buy one! Please note we don’t stock every single adaptor.

Luckily the latest ones seem to have hdmi and if yours does then there will not be a problem.
If you take a look here this lists all the different types of adaptors available.

Just bear this in mind as we notice that more and more presenters are using Apple Mac machines and we would hate for you to be unable to use the audio visual equipment you are trying to connect it to.

If you have any questions about connecting your laptop to our equipment please do call us at the office 0161 775 0515