We provide a comprehensive AV hire service which covers everything from hiring out state-of-the-art equipment to delivering, installing and even operating equipment where required. Each year countless businesses rely on us to ensure their events run smoothly. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. After all, what use is the highest tech equipment when you don’t have the correct CDs, batteries or electrical tape?

  • Fisher AV provides an extensive range of exhibition hire services. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, even down to the smallest points such as having sufficient dry markers or Velcro roll for hanging. Self-adhesive Velcro rolls or cut pieces provide temporary and removable fastening systems for many points of sale, promotional and consumer applications. It has literally many thousands of practical hook and loop uses around the home, garage, office or industrial environment, all of which can be cost effective, creative and indeed fun! Available in 25m rolls of Hook or Loop variety.
  • As part of our conference hire services we can provide you with professional quality blank CD-Rs and CD-RWs from leading manufacturers. Contact us now for full details of our audio visual and conference hire services. Phone 0800 0180 515 or complete the form
  • Fisher AV provides an extensive range of audio visual hire services, from small meetings and exhibitions to full scale events. Our experienced production team will ensure you have everything you need for a smooth, successful event. This includes everything from providing and installing state-of-the-art equipment to ensuring you have enough batteries. Our long-life batteries are available in all sizes to power a variety of equipment.
  • As part of our audio visual hire service, we will ensure you have all the equipment and consumables you need to ensure your event is a success. This ranges from our state-of-the-art equipment right down to smaller items like writeable DVDs etc. We have a range of professional-standard DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs from leading manufacturers. Contact our production team for full details. Telephone 0800 0180 515 or complete the form below.
  • As part of our extensive conference hire services, our production team will provide you with everything you need to ensure a successful and memorable event. This includes everything from state-of-the-art equipment hire to smaller consumables. Our electrical PVC tape has a wide range of applications from electrical uses to colour coding. Advance PVC is fire retardant and offers great abrasion, water, and UV resistance. Easy to tear and unwind from the roll. Contact us now to discuss your requirements in detail. Phone 0800 0180 515 or complete the enquiry form
  • As part of our conference hire services we provide top-of-the- range equipment and expert advice to ensure your event is a success. Our hire equipment covers everything including consumables such as CDs and mini discs. These are professional-quality blank mini-discs from leading manufacturers.
  • Fisher AV covers an extensive range of event hire services each year, from small meetings to conferences, exhibitions, stage events and retail. Our experienced team will guide you through the whole process from the initial brief to installation. We will provide state-of-the-art equipment and expert knowledge to ensure your event is both successful and memorable. This strong, adhesive tape has a variety of applications and is widely used in theatre and stage events, photography and film and television productions. Available in black or white.
  • As part of our camcorder hire services, we stock a wide range of video cameras and related discs. Our team can advise on which discs are suitable for which cameras. These are professional-quality blank mini DVD-RWs. All of our discs are from leading manufacturers. Contact us now for details of our camcorder hire equipment and services. Telephone 0800 0180 515 or complete the enquiry form
  • As part of our event hire services, our experienced team will ensure you have all the relevant equipment for your conference or exhibition. We will supply you with the latest, high-spec equipment and consumables. This NEC approved double-sided tape is designed specifically for fixing carpets and general floor coverings to exhibition floors. On the open side a medium-tack adhesive allows good 'grab' on a variety of clean dry surfaces and maintains excellent 'clean peel' properties. We recommend you test this product on a small area first as some surfaces can cause adhesive transfer. Contact us now for details of our event hire services. Phone 0800 0180 515 or fill in the enquiry form
  • Fisher AV provides a wide range of video camera hire equipment. For our DV camcorders we can also provide mini DV tapes. Sony Mini DV premium tapes provide exceptional picture quality for use with mini DV camcorders. They offer great resistance and excellent value for money. Ideal for everyday use. Key Features: • Mini DLC coated metal evaporated premium grade tape for digital video without IC memory • Standard grade mini DV cassette • Single layer protective back coating • Tape length: 60 min
  • Top quality A1 Flipchart Pad Key Features: • Top Quality A1 flipchart pad • 40 Sheets per pack • Perforated sheets allowing unrestricted use • Sheet size 813mm x 584mm
  • Fisher AV creates numerous corporate events each year. We cover everything from small meetings and presentation, to exhibitions and full-scale productions. Our experienced team can help with everything from the initial brief and planning to installation. Attention to detail is key and we will ensure that you have the correct equipment at the right time, even down to making sure you have the right pens for your presentation. Our dry-wipe pens can be used on whiteboards and are easy to erase. They are available in a variety of colours. Contact us now for details of our AV hire services