Shure Axient Digital AD2 Hand Held Transmitter

>>>>Shure Axient Digital AD2 Hand Held Transmitter

Shure Axient Digital AD2 Hand Held Transmitter

Shure’s Axient Digital AD2 is a handheld wireless microphone transmitter, which gives professional quality wireless digital production to any level of production.

The AD2 is a fully featured wireless microphone with fantastic audio quality over RF. It features a backlit LCD screen, lockable power switch, encrypted transmission and a high density transmission mode for the maximum coverage possible.

Shure’s AD2 series of wireless microphone transmitters perfectly compliment our Shure Axient Digital recievers (Available in duel band and quad band forms) and our array of Shure-compatible microphone heads let you tailor your audio for any use.

Key Features

  • Easy to navigate controls using backlit LCD screen
  • Lockable power switch and menu for trouble free performance
  • Encryption available
  • High Density transmission mode
  • Robust metal construction
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