Martin MAC 600 Wash Lighting

>>>Martin MAC 600 Wash Lighting

Martin MAC 600 Wash Lighting

The MAC 600 is the industry standard in wash lighting. It boasts a CMY colour mixing system, 440° of pan and 306° of tilt. Movements are fast and smooth.

This powerful wash light is suitable for a wide range of stage events and performances.

Key Features

• 575 W discharge lamp
• CMY colour mixing system
• 4 position colour wheel plus open
• 18°, 25° (standard) and 65° lens options
• Mechanical dimming
• Frost and indexable beamshaper
• Strobe effect up to 8 Hz, random strobe
• Pan and tilt range of 440°/306°
• Quiet operation
• Modular design for easy maintenance and servicing

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